Lectoure Leather Clutch

Lectoure Collection

Lectoure Leather Clutch

Lectoure Collection


We imagined this clutch for all leather lovers. With its slim design and spacious pockets, this clutch is ideal to accompany you in your daily life as well as in your travels.

Dimensions: W: 20cm X H: 11,5cm X D: 4cm (7.8 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches)

Made In France

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  • Leather : soft and supple Sonate leather .
  • Visual Aspect : smooth and matte
  • Touch: Soft, slightly silky
  • Main Color : Vermillon

In our Haute Maroquinerie workshop, we take the time to fashion leather handbags and clutches with noble curves and extraordinary quality.

These creations will accompany you in your everyday moments as well as in your greatest moments. If their inspirations differ from one collection to another, they share elegance and an unparalleled know-how. Our craftsmen have worked their finishes with extreme meticulousness. Their exceptional leathers will develop a patina over time to remain by your side throughout your life.

Enlightenment-inspired leather handbags

To imagine these unique leather bags, our Artistic Director Ramesh Nair drew inspiration from the Age of Enlightenment. By reinterpreting the codes of this enlightened era with great modernity, he has given Joseph Duclos handbags an inimitable style. Royal cases, trade bags, quatre-de-chiffre, coats of arms...
The Haute Maroquinerie pieces all pay tribute to the most iconic accessories of the 18th century.
With models that can be worn by hand or on the shoulder, small sizes or larger creations, Joseph Duclos has thought of all leather lovers.
Men and women alike can find the fashion accessory that suits them, and that will complete their look with a royal contemporary touch.
Exceptional leathers for each of our leather handbags

At Joseph Duclos, each handbag tells first and foremost a story of leather.
This noble material is at the very heart of our creative process, and the lines of each of our pieces have been thought out to highlight the perfection of the selected leather. All our skins have been chosen with extreme care, and each collection has its own leather of choice. The Diane leather handbags, for example, celebrate the Heritage calf leather, while our Fontélie pieces reveal all the finesse of the Concerto calf leather. But above all, our craftsmen have worked our leathers with immense precision, in the purest tradition of luxury leather goods. Tanned in France using ancestral processes that respect the environment, our leathers have often been treated for many months before reaching our assembly workshop. For the most natural rendering possible, we have chosen to use tannins and vegetable dyes extracted from chestnut trees or mimosas.

An uncommon know-how

Because our exceptional leathers deserve to be worked in the most beautiful way, we have chosen to assemble each of our handmade leather bags using gestures requiring an outstanding know-how. Thus, our craftsmen are graduates of the Compagnons du Devoir. Thanks to this exceptional training, based on the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation, they master long-forgotten techniques that only a handful of enthusiasts are still able to perform today in France. To assemble our iconic pieces, they have for example learned to make flat or folded gussets, or to perform a galbage work.
These singular artisanal methods, unique to France's most Haute Maroquinerie de luxe, have helped shape the unique curves of each of our leather handbags.

A committed artisanal manufacturing

While we make it a point of honor to bring ancestral techniques of great meticulousness back into fashion, we also strive to constantly improve them in an ecological logic, as the philosophy of the Enlightenment dictates.
In this way, we produce handmade leather handbags that are ever more environmentally friendly.
The rare leathers that we select are all supervised by the Cites, in order to preserve biodiversity.
Then they are worked and assembled in France, in order to ensure optimal traceability, and to limit our carbon footprint linked to the transport of our goods.
Because we take the time to make sure that our products are made in France, we are able to offer you the best possible service. Because we take the time to respect the ecological processes of leather tanning, our handbags are voluntarily produced in limited series, and are not always available instantly. We are thus committed to offering you timeless handbags of unparalleled quality, made to accompany you throughout your life.

We made sure to create bags, small leather goods and jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life. To do this, we have chosen the highest quality leathers and materials that will last through the years.

In order to help them patina in the most beautiful way and keep all their shine, find our recommendations for their maintenance in the section "Maintenance".

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Collection Lectoure

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Lectoure Collection

The Lectoure tote will win over all leather enthusiasts looking for a casual style with an incredibly natural elegance. To showcase its grain and generous velvety soft feel, this Adagio nubuck bull calfskin has been worked without a lining. Its dye applied to the edges by hand guarantees a unique finish. Last but not least, precious pieces reveal the finesse of this design: its buckles are reminiscent of 18th-century finery, while its iconic keyring reinterprets the Quatre-de-chiffre, the historic “figure of four” symbol used by merchants of the period.
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