Les Sources Collection

Inspired by the natural springs of Lectoure, these olfactory signatures evoke the naturalness and beauty of these invigorating waters.

They will accompany both men and women in underlining their strength of character.

For more than six centuries, leather and perfume's histories have been intertwined. As early as the end of the 15th century, the marquis Pompeo Frangipani had the idea of developing an almond fragrance to perfume the inside of his leather gloves to cover the musky scents that emanated from them. Since then, leather work has gone hand in hand with the art of perfumery.


Ramesh Nair is in a good position to attest to that. For this great perfume collector and true leather aesthete, the two don't go without each other.

So it was under his impetus and with the help of the talented Nathalie Feisthauer that Joseph Duclos created four fragrances, each corresponding to the universe of one of his leather goods collections.

Inspired by the natural springs of Lectoure, they evoke the naturalness and strength of these waters full of life.