Lectoure Horizontal leather tote

Lectoure Collection

Lectoure Horizontal leather tote

Lectoure Collection


We have designed this Lectoure tote for all leather lovers. Our craftspeople have fashioned this fine material to showcase its upper surface and soften its grain. Thanks to its slender design and spacious pockets, this bag is ideal as both your everyday and travel companion.

Dimensions: W: 38 cm X H: 30 cm X D:10 cm (15 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches)

Made in France

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  • Leather : Adagio bull leather without lining, which retains its natural grain. The pockets, handles and side straps of this tote bag are made of Heritage calf leather, recognized by experts for its unparalleled quality.
  • metal Parts : 20mm buckles.
  • Main Color : Brown
  • Know-How : Unlined bag.
  • Visual Aspect : fluffy
  • Touch: Soft, firm and round
  • Evolution in time : leather that can shine on areas of heavy use

 Because our creations are part of the purest tradition of luxury leather goods, they are made to last and to be passed down to future generations.
Our manufacturing processes thus guarantee a quality as rare as it is exclusive, without unnecessary overproduction.
Each model that makes up our collections is produced by hand in limited series.

French leather goods that take time Our leather handbags and purses are not always available instantly. This allows our craftsmen to work our leathers in the greatest respect of natural processes. Our tanneries fully comply with Reach regulations. These international standards ensure that French manufacturing respects nature and mankind. They regulate the use of substances used in the treatment of leather and prohibit those deemed harmful. In addition, they guarantee the transparency of manufacturers as to the essences and tannins they have chosen to use. Thanks to these processes, most of which have been inherited from the know-how of the Royal Leather Manufacture, our craftsmen bring the philosophy of the Enlightenment back to life. They are constantly improving their techniques to respect our environment a little more each day. Each of their gestures is designed to assemble leather objects of enlightened luxury, which celebrate leather goods as a true art of living.

Optimal traceability, facilitated by 100% French manufacturing

By limiting the quantity of objects produced, we also control the origin of our raw materials to the maximum.
In this way, we ensure optimal traceability for each of our pieces, whether they are our French fine leather goods, our perfumes or our jewelry.
In order to preserve biodiversity, the rare leathers that we may use are governed by the Cites convention. This convention, whose text was adopted in 1973 by 80 states, ensures that international trade in wild animals and plants never threatens the survival of any species. You can therefore be sure that none of your favorite leather pouches or bags will endanger biodiversity, whatever the leather used to produce it. This traceability is also facilitated by our 100% made in France production. Indeed, our French hides are all processed in tanneries located in France. As for our craftsmen, trained at the Compagnons du Devoir, they assemble each of our leather goods, and forge each of our jewelry pieces from their workshops based in France. If this will to promote local craftsmanship helps us in the traceability of our products, it also has the advantage of limiting our carbon emissions related to the transport of our goods.
A responsible packaging

Because our attention to detail is observed down to the smallest finishing touches on our products, we strive to offer our creations in the most responsible packaging possible.
We therefore avoid the use of plastic in our packaging as much as possible. Our packaging is made of paper with the FSC label. Thus, we make sure that they have all been produced from wood from sustainably managed forests. In these nurseries, a tree is replanted for every one that is cut down. The exploitation of the wood is then optimized in order to avoid any waste: the paper will be produced from scraps recovered during the cutting of large furniture.
Thanks to this particular care given to our packaging, our leather bags, clutches, jewelry or even our perfumes will all be entrusted to you in a case that resembles them: elegant and environmentally friendly.

We made sure to create bags, small leather goods and jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life. To do this, we have chosen the highest quality leathers and materials that will last through the years.

In order to help them patina in the most beautiful way and keep all their shine, find our recommendations for their maintenance in the section "Maintenance".

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Lectoure Collection

The Lectoure tote will win over all leather enthusiasts looking for a casual style with an incredibly natural elegance. To showcase its grain and generous velvety soft feel, this Adagio nubuck bull calfskin has been worked without a lining. Its dye applied to the edges by hand guarantees a unique finish. Last but not least, precious pieces reveal the finesse of this design: its buckles are reminiscent of 18th-century finery, while its iconic keyring reinterprets the Quatre-de-chiffre, the historic “figure of four” symbol used by merchants of the period.
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