Exceptional know-how

Whether tanning our leathers, assembling our bags or crafting their finishes, each step of the production is performed with precision. The know-how of our peerless artisans is expressed in every aspect of our designs. Visit our boutique to discover the techniques inherited from the Enlightenment that have made it possible to bring our different collections to life.

Haute Maroquinerie techniques

Our artisans are true artists who know how to take the time: the time to receive excellent training, and the time to design leather bags of extraordinary quality, made to last. Thus, each of our pieces is as unique and rare as the know-how that shaped them. Each skin has been selected with the utmost care, each stitch has been made with the utmost precision. Thanks to our extraordinary workers, we have been able to rediscover the enlightened demands of the Enlightenment and transform leather goods into a true art of living.

When tradition gives birth to enlightened luxury

Today, this heritage is more than ever present in each of our bags, kits and pouches. We strive every day to rediscover the thoughtful techniques of our passionate ancestors. Thanks to them, we create leather goods of unparalleled quality, ever more respectful of nature. But above all, we keep their Enlightenment philosophy alive by constantly striving to improve.