Our commitments to enlightened leathermaking

Our decision to renew our ties with the wisdom and expertise of the Enlightenment reflects our desire to craft fine leather goods that embody enlightened luxury - fine leather goods that take time and commitment. From tanning our natural leathers to assembling our artisanal bags, through crafting our jewelry to bottling our fragrances, each of our steps has been carefully contemplated. There is an ongoing drive to reduce our ecological footprint and increase our social impact.

Environmental Commitments

A French Manufacture

Because our creations are in the purest tradition of luxury leather goods, they are made to last and to be passed on to future generations. Our manufacturing processes thus guarantee a quality as rare as it is exclusive, without unnecessary overproduction. Each model that makes up our collections is produced by hand in limited series, and is therefore not always available instantly.

This allows our craftsmen to work our leathers in the greatest respect of natural processes. Our tanneries therefore fully comply with Reach regulations. These international standards ensure that our products are manufactured in a way that respects nature and mankind. They regulate the use of substances used in leather processing and prohibit those deemed harmful. In addition, they guarantee the transparency of manufacturers as to the essences and tannins they have chosen to use.

By limiting the quantity of objects produced, we also control the origin of our raw materials as much as possible.
In this way we ensure optimal traceability for each of our pieces.

To preserve biodiversity, the rare leathers that we may have to use are notably framed by the Cites. This convention, the text of which was adopted in 1973 by 80 states, ensures that international trade in wild animals and plants never threatens the survival of any species.

Finally, we strive to offer our creations the most responsible cases possible. We do not use plastic in our packaging. These are made of paper holding the FSC label. This ensures that they have been produced from wood from sustainably managed forests. In these nurseries, one tree is replanted for every tree cut down. The exploitation of the wood is then optimised to avoid any waste: the paper will be produced from scraps recovered during the cutting of large furniture.

Social commitments

Artisans at the heart of our commitments

By reviving the know-how of the Enlightenment, we wanted to promote the excellence of French craftsmanship. We went in search of the best leather artists in the country. Trained in the tradition of the Compagnons de Devoir, they have learned to master the work of natural leather and perpetuate the art of hand sewing through a transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.

This world-renowned training places the spirit of companionship at the heart of its identity. Travel and encounters thus hold a central place in its teaching. Its apprentices are taken on a Tour de France during which they can perfect their techniques with experienced craftsmen.

By encouraging these artists to express all their creativity through highly precise technical gestures, the Maison Joseph Duclos works to protect the know-how that has made the glory of French craftsmanship. And because we are committed to keeping this love of transmission alive, we have set up a workshop within our boutique on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Thus, every day, one of our craftsmen reveals to our visitors the secrets that make his or her work unique and participate in making leather goods an art of living in its own right.