Saint-Clair Leather Messenger Bag

Saint-Clair Collection

Saint-Clair Leather Messenger Bag

Saint-Clair Collection

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The Saint-Clair Messenger Bag draws its inspiration from 18th-century royal cases that lent an undeniable nobility to any movement. Its pared-back, straight lines will set off your outfit, whatever its style. The original pairing of hard Heritage leather and ultra-soft Arpège nubuck gives this timeless design a unique and modern personality.

Dimensions: L: 20cm X H: 13cm X P: 9cm (7.8 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches)

Made in France

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  • Leather : Nubuck calf for the flap and natural cowhide for the base of the bag
  • Know-How : Base of the bag made by a molding technique. The corner stitching is entirely handmade.
  • Visual Aspect : matte and nubuck
  • Touch: Soft, smooth, supple (nubuck calf) and rigid (cowhide)
  • Evolution in time : The cowhide will develop a patina and the nubuck may shine in areas of high wear and tear.

The Saint-Clair besace draws its inspiration from 18th-century royal cases, which highlights any stride with unstoppable nobility.

Its straight, sleek cuts will enhance your outfit, whatever it may be. As for the original combination of stiff leather and supple nubuck, it gives this timeless creation a unique and modern personality.

The inspirations for our Saint-Clair besace

Our Saint-Clair women's besace bag is reminiscent of the distinctive shapes of eighteenth-century powder magazines.
Our Artistic Director Ramesh Nair has indeed had fun commandeering the design of this iconic accessory of royalty and reinterpreting it with great modernity. To achieve this, he played on the contrast between the hard leather of its main pocket and the soft nubuck of its flap, then pushed the sense of detail to the smallest finishing touches.


Forged in palladium, the clasps of this shoulder bag were notably engraved with coats of arms with Joseph Duclos' initials.

Thanks to its singular yet sleek lines, this irresistible handcrafted bag perfectly complements any outfit, from casual to sophisticated.
This must-have fashion accessory is sure to dress both men and women in a proud look with understated power, regardless of whether you choose the black, navy blue or Camel messenger bag.

A functional and timeless shoulder bag

The Saint-Clair besace bag is a precious object, which stands out as much for its design as for its practicality.
Thanks to its shoulder strap and its comfortable shoulder carry, it will accompany you for any occasion.
Finally, while its forms seduce the greatest aesthetes, its interior pocket will be able to easily hold your most essential personal effects.

A besace with spectacular natural leather

To bring this handcrafted two-material bag to life, we went in search of two absolutely exceptional leathers: the Symphonie cowhide, and the supple Arpège nubuck calf.

The former, used to make the bag, is a natural leather, and the latter is a natural leather.

The first, used to model the main pouch, required natural tanning in a pit, according to the custom of the Enlightenment. This traditional technique, little practiced today, has allowed to obtain this very rigid texture with an outstanding resistance.
In order to respect the ecological processes, it extends over many months and is made from vegetable tannins, extracted from chestnut trees or mimosas. This gives the besace Saint-Clair its warm all-natural colors.

A traditional artisanal know-how

This leather bag was entirely made in France, thanks to extremely difficult assembly techniques.
The rigid part of the Saint-Clair besace bag was molded using an artisanal humidification method, then assembled using hand-made corner seams. Only a few craftsmen still master this extremely regular and precise gesture of passing the threads through the edge of the thick, stiff leather without revealing their stitching.

Committed, artisanal manufacturing

While we make it a point of honor to bring ancestral techniques of great meticulousness up to date, we also strive to constantly improve them to make artisanal leather handbags that are ever more environmentally friendly.
The rare leathers that we select are all supervised by the Cites, in order to preserve biodiversity. Then they are worked and assembled in France, in order to ensure optimal traceability, and limit our carbon footprint related to the transport of our goods.
Because we take the time to respect the ecological processes of leather tanning, our handbags are voluntarily produced in limited series, and are not always available instantly.

We made sure to create bags, small leather goods and jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life. To do this, we have chosen the highest quality leathers and materials that will last through the years.

In order to help them patina in the most beautiful way and keep all their shine, find our recommendations for their maintenance in the section "Maintenance".

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Our team remains at your disposal to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact our advisors in the "Meet us" section.

A unique design, exceptional finishes

Thanks to our artisans’ keen eye for detail, the finesse of this design is seen down to the very last finish. Explore its grain, curves and style to discover all its subtleties.
Quand la modernité joue avec la tradition

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Saint-Clair Collection

Saint-Clair has fun putting a spin on 18th-century codes to display an unmistakably modern style. To assemble this messenger bag whose lines are reminiscent of the gunpowder bags worn by members of the royal family, Joseph Duclos drew on exceptional know-how. Its Symphonie calfskin, tanned in a pit using a method from the Age of Enlightenment, was moulded and then assembled with hand-sewn corner stitching. Only a handful of artisans nowadays still master this extremely precise and even technique.
Pairing this solid leather with a soft Arpège nubuck calfskin flap, Saint- Clair certainly proves that opposites attract and make a perfect match.
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