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When you view a website, data may be stored in your browser or recovered from same, generally in the form of cookies. A cookie is a small data file (text file). When viewed by a user, websites ask your browser to store cookies on your device in order to memorise information about you, such as your linguistic preferences or login information. These cookies are stored for up to 13 months. You may refuse some types of cookie. However, if you block some types of cookie, your browsing experience and available services may be impacted. 

  • What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone which saves and monitors data pertaining to your website use. The josephDuclos.com website uses cookies in order to identify you or store your selected products in your shopping basket for example. Cookies are managed by your Internet browser. By continuing to use the josephduclos.com website, you agree to our cookie settings and acknowledge that you understand the terms of our Cookies Policy. You may at all times modify your preferences in the “Manage your cookie preferences” section. 

  • What cookies do we use? 

There are two types of cookies on our website: 

- Strictly necessary cookies to run the website 

These cookies make it possible for you to use important features of the josephduclos.com website such as storing your selected products in your basket. These cookies facilitate browsing and are needed to carry out purchases online. 

- Third party cookies

 These are mostly cookies used for statistical analysis. They collect information about how you browse our website, thus helping us to improve your user experience and adapt our services to your preferences. There are also advertising cookies aiming to customise and/or improve content and browsing, offering services likely to be of interest to you on other websites.

 All the information collected is anonymous. You may at all times amend your preferences in the “Manage your cookie preferences” section.