Care Instructions

We have taken care to craft bags, small leather goods and jewelry to accompany you for life. To this end, we have chosen leathers and materials of the finest quality that are able to withstand the test of time. To help them develop a beautiful patina and maintain their shine, here are a few recommendations for their care:

• In order to limit the risk of scratches, keep your bag away from abrasive surfaces,
• Protect your design from dampness, and keep it away from sources of excessive heat such as summer sunlight, radiators or inside a car during a heatwave,
• Avoid bringing the leather into contact with the following products: hand sanitizer, fragrance, make-up, hand cream, liquids, oily products, solvents, etc.
• If your bag has been sprayed with rain, wipe it using a soft cloth,
• To maintain your bag’s iconic shape, avoid overloading it or filling it to excess,
• To preserve the depth of the dark colors, avoid prolonged contact with light-colored fabrics, especially in high humidity,
• To maintain the luster of light colors, avoid rubbing on fabrics whose color could transfer.
• When you are not using your bag, put it back in its pouch and store it vertically in a cool, dark place, having taken care to fill it with tissue paper, so that it keeps its original shape.
• If your bag has been stained or damaged, we recommend that you contact our advisors.

Wish to receive more advice? Our team remains at your disposal to answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.